Hello pipul!!

I am Antonia from beautiful and hot Athens in Greece and I am really happy to see you here!

                                              Well a naval architect I want to be and to travel like a bee.  Give hugs only for free trying to take the degree! People say I am pat but it’s the Greek temperament that leads me to that! Drinking ouzo, love folklore, staying awake at the shore these are things I love the more!

So as you can see I am still a student at the National Technical University of Athens trying to be a naval architect and marine engineer. Except for college,  I love to try new things and learn about different cultures and civilizations. My passion for traveling grew the last three years and since then I am trying to explore the world and its uniqueness! I had the  chance to spend a semester in beautiful and dark Scotland the last year and see a totally different way of life that I loved! Through my articles, I hope I will give you great ideas and hints about traveling and at the same time I will be able to be inspired by you and make even more life experience trips!

So let the journey begin! And I have a feeling that it will be a good one!